Creating high performing, cross functional teams

that work consistently at optimal levels



Bespoke programs

Get the inside track with unplugged opportunities

to hear expert advice

that you can put into action immediately

Legends & Leaders is quite simply an opportunity to achieve better results.

The communications industry has been running lean and mean for many years.  The opportunity for internal mentoring and training has suffered.  It’s happened client side and agency side.  As a result we aren’t working together effectively.  We’re not having great, challenging conversations that help drive great, ground breaking work.

Rather than engaged and fired up teams we have transactional relationships where we achieve growth on a smaller scale in a safer way.  The work is rarely inspirational.

At Legends & Leaders we believe that clients and agencies can work closer together to achieve better work.  And better work means better results. We’ve gathered an amazing team of experts – leaders in their fields – to help make this happen. The idea is not complicated. In fact, we’ve worked hard to make it as simple and as customisable as possible.

No two Legends & Leaders sessions are the same. Each program is tailor made for you.

Marketers spend a significant amount of money with their agencies. Working with L&L, we help you increase your agency return-on-relationship (ROR). And it works both ways – both agencies and clients benefit. By improving their ROR, our clients have improved inter-agency communication; developed better creative outputs; and most importantly, improved their campaign results.


Choose your Modules

We have 19 modules to choose from – each of which is focused on a specific discipline within communications.

There’s everything from creative to shopper marketing.

Simply review the modules to determine which is right for your team.


Choose your Coaches

There are over 100 coaches to choose from across the 19 modules.

Each of our coaches will act as independent experts for your team. They’ll talk about what kinds of things you should look for, what kind of conversations you should have and the best way to work with teams to get the most out of them.


Choose your Program

Once you’ve decided on the modules and coaches you will have your custom made program.

You can do a 1/2 day session and cover 3 modules, a full day with 6 or two days with 12! Or why not put together an annual program of 4 half days which run quarterly?



Follow the steps or simply
send us an email at Legends & Leaders
and we’ll help you design a program that’s right for you.

Each of the 19 Legends & Leaders modules has a description of the module, a few reasons why you might want to choose the module and some of the things that your coach may cover during your time together.

It also shows you which of the coaches on our roster are available to choose from in this module. If you click on one of the coaches it will take you to their bio which will help decide which is right for you.


mentor-bookOnce you’ve decided on the modules you want, and you’ve narrowed down your coach choices, take a look through their bios.

The coach pages contain full bios of each of our Legends & Leaders experts to help ensure you get the right person for your team.

Choose your CoachesChoose your Coaches

notepad-and-penIn the “create your program” area you’ll find an order form. Just fill it in and send it back to us for an obligation free quote within 7 days.

During that 7 days, we’ll check the avails of the coaches and the venues so you know exactly what you’ll be getting and confer with you throughout the process.

Ask for a QuoteAsk for a Quote

Once you receive your quote, just give us the AOK and we’ll book it in.  We’ll send you a very short and sharp briefing form to fill out for each of the modules you’ve chosen to ensure you achieve your desired result, but that’s it. Easy as.

Once we’re booked in we’ll send a pack to each of the delegates that you choose to attend so they know exactly what to expect and they can send us questions in advance to make sure we cover everything you need.