Useful market research projects are marked by rigorous planning. Here are a few tips from one of our coaches, George Stent, to help ensure you get the best results possible:

The team should develop a clear hypotheses to test and avoid simply brain storming a ‘wish list’ of information areas.

At the debrief avoid inviting too many ‘outsiders’ . The audience should have been part of the process and fully engaged with the objectives and methodology.

Maximum utility is realised in those projects where the project team re-convene to interrogate implications of the research for the business in terms of the current project and future needs.

If you put all this in place then the core team can present to other stakeholders in a way that the internal client ‘owns’ the insights and the researcher has simply been a facilitator.

George stent in FitzroyGeorge Stent is the founder of ‘the stent partnership’ and a Legends & Leaders mentor in the Research module.

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