Maya“People will forget what you’ve said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” Maya Angelou

Most of us have to make a presentation at some point in our careers regardless of where we work.

When we do, we want it to be successful.  To make an impact. To get people to agree with what we have to say. So here are a few tips from one of our Legends & Leaders coaches, Jane Mathews – one of the best in the biz, to act as reminders to help us get there.

  • Put a bit of you into the presentation. Know what your strengths are. Go to to find your key skills and reflect these in the way you present
  • Look at the experts – TED talks by Steve Jobs, Cindy Gallup and Nancy Duarte on storytelling
  • Consider Seth Godin’s presentation hierarchy, which is exactly the opposite of how most companies operate:

o   Best presentations are one on one….then..

o   Live and fully interactive..then..

o   Powerpoint with emotional pictures and slides and finally, the worst…

o   Bullet points (98% of all presentations)


Grab their attention – establish yourself – an expert, a person – set the scene – purpose – think of bookends for beginning and end of presentation – clear path – visual aids – prepare the room – anticipate questions – practice, practice, practice

The best way to improve a presentation is to improve its content. Make it simple and short.


  • Enthusiasm – pause – slow – breathe – gesture – posture – eye contact – movement
  • Outline – aim for three key points
  • Try to keep Powerpoint down to 10 slides with one idea per slide and make them as visual as possible


You are the ringmaster – recap of core message, remind them of purpose, next steps, end on a high (bookend)

Insert blank slides so people concentrate on what YOU are saying.

Good websites:


jane mathewsJane Mathews

Senior Consultant

A Legends & Leaders mentor in the Agency/Account Management module.

She launched her first book in 2014.

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