The world is about to embark on a new, some would say scary, chapter. Much has been written and shared since the momentous decision that was made in the USA last November which will change the world as we know it. People are struggling to understand and learn lessons from it.

I’ve been reading many of them, but here’s my very quick two cents worth and what I believe the lesson is that we all need to take out.

We all need to listen more.

There’s a saying that points out there’s a reason we have two ears and one mouth. Because we need to listen more than we need to speak. More to the point, listen FIRST.

This is a lesson we can all be reminded of regardless of what industry you work in or on what side of the fence you sit. We need to listen to each other more. Understand each other more. And do this before we pass judgement or speak.

If we listen to each other more we will understand each other more.

And if we understand each other more we can

learn more,

help each other more and

do better.


Here’s to listening.

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