TV & Content Production

It’s often the things you think you know that bite you in the bum. Production is an area that has a lot of assumed knowledge, but just like renovating a house, it’s the things you don’t consider or think about up front that cost the most later. Films are not just for TV anymore!

The Legends & Leaders coaches are all seasoned film producers and know all the landmines that you need to look out for to make the most of your production dollars.

Why choose the TV & Content Production Module?
  • I think I can get better value out of my production budget, but I don’t want to hire a cost consultant every time
  • My agency never talks to me about how to get more out of my production budget
  • I’m not really sure what I need to think about before I start production
  • There always seems to be more cost at the end of production

Coaches who present this Module

Jane Burhop & James Crawley

Donna Hampton

Fran Kras

Joe Moujalli

George Saada

Harold Woodridge