Ross can provide a unique perspective from both sides of the media trade

Ross Howarth

Partner | Kinesis Media

Ross Howarth has the unique experience of having been both a buyer and a seller in the media industry. Most of his life was spent in such senior agency positions as National Media Director of J.Walter Thompson, Media Director of Young & Rubicam, and a Director of Merchant & Partners as well as experience in agency management as General Manager, JWT Sydney.

In 1998, Ross was approached by Prime Television to take the role of General Manager, Seven Affiliate Sales — the sales and marketing arm of Prime TV and Seven Queensland (owned by the Seven Network). Revenue share was always a key KPI which he achieved in direct competition with his two rivals but also in collaboration with them as joint owners of Regional Television Marketing, the company established to educate advertisers and agencies to the value of regional markets and grow RTV revenue share of the total advertising pie. As well as his role with RTM, Ross also served on the Marketing Committee of FreeTV throughout his 13 years with Prime.

This blend of experience means that Ross can provide to clients a unique perspective from both sides of the media trade.

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