Often research is used as a “stop/go” signal versus a tool to really make the work we do sing. We spend an enormous amount of time and money on our ideas and the ones we take to research are the ones we believe will work, so there should be learnings to take out. Insights derived from a range of different stakeholders can help marketers imagine strategies and position brands for future success.

The Legends & Leaders coaches know exactly what kind of research will help tell the tale you need to hear and can also provide a little whisper in your ear about what to watch for.

Why choose the Research Module?
  • ]I use research as a stop/go
  • I’m not sure when the best time to research is – before, after or during my campaign?
  • I feel like my research company is just giving me bad news to validate their use
  • My research reports aren’t giving me tools to help develop the campaign

Coaches who present this Module

Deb Bauer

Suzanne Dutton

Brian Fine

James Forr

Neer Korn

Peter Resanceff

George Stent