Like any relationship, the ones you have with your communication agencies take work. And the ones they have with each other is one of the biggest issues in marketing departments today.

All they seem to do is argue with each other or try to take more of the budget “pie”. You don’t take the appointment of an agency lightly so you want to make it the best it can be. The Legends & Leaders coaches know exactly what you need to do to make it work and keep it strong.

These are two separate modules.  One is devoted entirely to managing inter-agency relationships whilst the other is about YOUR relationship with your agencies.

Why choose one of the Relationship Modules?
  • I am constantly being asked to keep the peace between the agencies on my roster and I simply don’t have time for this nonsense
  • If I’m too friendly with my agency then I don’t feel like I can get what I need out of them
  • I don’t trust my agency team(s)
  • I don’t understand why we can’t have a stronger partnership

Coaches who present this Module

Greg “Sparrow” Graham

Kirk Stewart

Jane Callister

Jane Caro


Minsun Collier

Jeff Estok

Howard Guttman

Fran Kras

Jane Neale

Martin Rippon

John Willard

Colin Wilson-Brown