Learn all about VR/AR and the applications it can have across the marketing spectrum

Preya McMahon

Founder | ZVR

With origins in the PR and Activations space, Preya has now immersed herself in the cutting edge tech world of Virtual and Augmented Reality and a created new company ZVR.

After personally investing in volumetric VR 18 months ago and working collaboratively on a VR documentary that premiered at Sundance this year called #100humans, she saw the opportunity for clients to enrich their campaigns through powerful story telling that reaches consumers in a hugely exciting and immersive way.

ZVR has already created some powerful brand content and are able to do everything from 360 shoots, stitching and all post production. Holograms (volumetric VR) are a new addition, especially now that smartphone technology is catching up. They are also able to create the app that allows VR & AR content to be stored and used on both Android and iOS platforms.

ZVR then helps clients communicate and activate their campaigns using Google Cardboards or Samsung GEAR technology – either on a 1:1 basis or out in the public via street activations.

The cut-through and intensity of VR is something you really have to experience to believe. Once you have tried VR it’s easy to think about how it can be used to amplify branded content.

In Preya’s module you will learn all about this new and exciting tech and the applications it can have across the marketing spectrum. In addition, and the fun part, you will have a chance to use the tech with personal hands on demonstration on the GEAR and Cardboard headsets.

Preya is available as a coach in the Digital module – specifically around VR/AR

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