Public Relations

As the need for consumer and brand engagement grows, PR is being used more as a natural fit within campaigns, yet it’s often still thought of at the end of the development process – far too late.

And, in the digital era, corporate & B2B PR and reputation management are critical pillars for companies and are often effective ways of communicating with a range of stakeholders.

The Legends & Leaders coaches can help provide your team with tips and tricks to ensure the money you spend in this area is maximized and no stone is left unturned.

Why choose the PR Module?
  • I don’t normally include PR in my campaigns – I don’t know how
  • My agency never thinks of PR
  • My agency only ever comes to me with traditional thinking
  • I’m not sure of the difference between social media and PR
  • I’m not sure how to manage my reputation in the media

Coaches who present this Module

Kirk Stewart

Sophie Blue

Rochelle Burbury

Fergus Kibble

Robert McEwen

Robyn Sefiani

Neil Travers