“There’s more to judging creative work than meets the eye as it involves shared criteria and values based on efficacy as well as salience.”

Says Nick

Nick Souter

Co-founder | Thiink

Nick’s worked as a Creative Director and Chairman for over 20 years in London, Tokyo and here in Sydney where he led Leo Burnett to Agency of the Year three times. His work has won many awards in different categories and markets. As a keynote speaker, he talks on Brand and Innovation and he’s also an author with three books published internationally. One of them, Breakthrough Thinking, forms the basis of his ‘Brain Box’ innovation program.

THiiNK is a Brand Consultancy led by Nick Souter and Mike Beckerleg. Between them, they have worked in pretty much every category and have a track record of success and awards. They are the only certified practitioners of Whole Brain® Branding and have developed an online process that creates a brand ‘profile’. This visualises the direction a successful brand strategy must take to inspire both staff and clients alike.

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