Neuromarketing & Integrated Comms

Rapid change in marketing communications has led to confusion, fragmentation and duplication of functions across agencies. In today’s landscape, integration in communications, and the process to create them, is critical but difficult to achieve without re-thinking traditional processes and tools.

The neurosciences have delivered compelling insights into how consumers think, feel, make decisions and act. We have learned how we can influence the consumer’s purchasing behaviour more effectively; critically, how to integrate all marketing initiatives along the path-to-purchase, and how you need to work with your agencies to ensure you get a fully integrated approach.

Why choose the Neuromarketing Module?
  • Understand the hidden, powerful purchase drivers of your target markets
  • Lift the return on your marketing investment
  • Boost the effectiveness of marketing initiatives and campaigns
  • Guide the consumer’s decisions along the path-to-purchase
  • Align your agencies and how you work with them to ensure an integrated approach

Coaches who present this Module

Katharina Kuehn

John Willard