Neer has documented Australian attitudes in extraordinary detail and has unparalleled insight into Australian culture.

Neer Korn

Director, | The Korn Group

Neer Korn is a director of The Korn Group. Previous to that he was a founder and director of Heartbeat Trends. For a decade and a half he has been speaking with, interviewing, and observing Australian life. He has produced over 100 large scale reports on Australian society with people of all ages.

His areas of research encompass all areas of life including: careers, leisure, shopping, health and wellbeing, finance and money, relationships, retirement, dreams and aspirations and identity to name a few. His insights into Australian lives and attitudes range from the frivolous to the fundamental.

He consults to a who’s who of Australian blue chip companies and organisations on social and consumer research and trends and is a popular speaker at conferences on social issues and trends. His writing and commentary are regularly published in newspapers and magazines nationally and he is frequently interviewed on radio stations across the country on many and varied topics.

Neer is the author of two non-fictions titles;
“Shades of Belonging” (HarperCollins Religious)
“Life Behind Bars: Conversations with Violent Male Inmates” (New Holland).

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