The Australian Marketing Institute named Mike as one of the country’s 10 most effective marketers.

Mike Beckerleg

Co-founder | THiiNK

Mike is an Executive with over 25 years experience in Brand and Communication Strategy. While leading the marketing departments of Sony, Vodafone and Seiko, The Australian Marketing Institute names him as one of the country’s 10 most effective marketers. BRW Magazine went further and put him in the top 5. He’s also worked agency-side as Executive Director of Ogilvy’s Telstra business before taking on the role of MD at Ogilvy Impact.

THiiNK is a Brand Consultancy led by Nick Souter and Mike Beckerleg. Between them, they have worked in pretty much every category and have a track record of success and awards. They are the only certified practitioners of Whole Brain® Branding and have developed an online process that creates a brand ‘profile’. This visualises the direction a successful brand strategy must take to inspire both staff and clients alike.

A creative and strategic thinker with commercial acumen, Mike brings a no-nonsense approach that inevitably leads to clear directions, focused solutions and valuable results.

Mike is available as a coach in the Agency/Account Management, Client, Future Focus, Innovation, and Relationships modules.

Modules this coach presents

Agency/Account Management


Future Focus