“Decoding culture is critical for brands and business to remain relevant in this age of the ever demanding and discerning consumer. Culture changes rapidly, understanding this change in the context of human needs is critical for future success”


Says Michelle

Michelle Newton

Consumer Trend Forecaster

Michelle has recently returned to the home shores of Australia after living and working for ten years in New York.

In NY she was a Senior Brand Consultant for renowned consumer trend expert Faith Popcorn. This is where Michelle developed her passion for “what’s next” working with Corporate America and Faith, who created Macro Consumer Trends.

Clients included Pepsi North America, developing the “future of hydration” and how we will get our energy in 2050. With Nike she explored relevant trends for women in sport, ultimately contributing to the development and launch of Nike Goddess across America. The Goddess brand was built on the Macro trend EVEolution, the changing role of men and women in culture.

She explored the “future of sleep” for bedding giant Springs Industries and it’s brand and product implications. For KFC developing a destination beverage strategy.

Now home in Australia Michelle is the Director of Cultural Forecasting for GalKal Australia. She works across multiple categories and clients decoding culture to provide best futures for business and brand alike.

Michelle is also the Co founder of Stretch Ride a car service that gets kids where they need to be safely. She is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post on all things culture.

Prior to living in New York Michelle worked as a Group Account Director at Y&R and in Account Management at JWT in Melbourne.

Michelle is available as a coach in the Strategy/Planning module – specifically talking about consumer trends.

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