Media covers various disciplines from strategy to planning and beyond.

Since splitting from the creative mothership, media has taken a life of its own, but it remains the teams that know how to work together that are the most effective. As the media landscape continues to expand, the road is littered with traps and it’s the client that understands what to look for that will succeed.

The Legends & Leaders coaches have decades of experience from all areas and can help ensure you and your team are exactly that.

Why choose the Media Module?
  • I feel like my media team is doing deals behind my back which aren’t necessarily good for me
  • I don’t think my media team is listening to my creative team
  • I’m not getting a good understanding of why the mediums chosen are the best options
  • I’m not getting any new thinking from my media team

Coaches who present this Module

Greg “Sparrow” Graham

Simon Bellamy


Minsun Collier

Phil Hayden

Don Lang

Denise Larson

Alan Robertson