Having worked on both global and local marketing teams, he can bring great insights into how to deliver world class work

Martin Rippon

Partner | Gutthink

20 years a client and 12 years Agency Partner and MD of Australia’s most successful agency of the last decade, BMF, Martin brings a unique understanding on how clients and agencies can get the best out of their relationships.

On the client side, Martin cut his teeth at Nestle across its portfolio of grocery brands, before moving into the beer industry, working on global brands such as Heineken and Stella Artois. From there he headed-up advertising for Levi-Strauss in Europe and then as VP Marketing for Asia Pacific.

Moving to Sydney in 1999 he left the client side, joined the fledgling BMF as MD, helping to grow that business from a staff of 20 to over 200 across a 12 year period. In that time he oversaw the Finance, Production and Account Management teams, set up the direct and digital teams, and ran the agencies two largest accounts, Commonwealth Bank and ALDI. Martin left BMF on the completion of the sale of the agency to the Photon group (now “Enero”). Having worked on both the global and local marketing teams, he can bring great insights into how to deliver world class work, and how to ensure client and agencies are working towards common goals – specifically, the pressures that apply not only to the people in any given meeting, but the messages they have to take back to the rest of their teams.

Martin also offers pragmatic insights into the thorny question of client-agency remuneration, authoring the AFA (Communications Council) remuneration guidelines in the early 2000s, and having sat on both sides of the negotiation table in “over 200 negotiations over the years”.

For Legends & Leaders, some of the things Martin will talk about are:


  • Do you want your agency to make money? What’s fair?
  • What’s your current deal – what other options are there?
  • What bugs you most about agency deals – how to address these The art and science of agency costings
  • How to manage your procurement people


  • How many agencies do you need?
  • Can you expect agencies to play fairly together?Do you need to have a “lead agency”
  • How do I apportion budgets?
  • How do I keep my life simple & stress free?


  • Do I know what sort of agency I have
  • working with me?
  • Does it matter if I like the people?
  • What sort of client gets the best work?
  • How do I cope when I don’t like the work/costs/people?What do agencies want from their clients?
  • What do I really want from my agency?
  • How much do I share?
  • How do I say “No, I don’t like it” in a constructive way?What levels of service should I expect?
Martin is available as a coach in the Client, Finance & Relationships modules

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