Heralded by Ad News as one of Australia’s top ten marketers

Jon Bradshaw

Senior Consultant

Yet another bloody pom working in marketing in Sydney, Jon Bradshaw hails from the North of England. Before coming to Australia in 2005, he spent 14 years working for Mars and then drinks giant Diageo based in London and New York.

As well as spending a serious amount of time in some of the world’s top bars, Jon helped develop sales and marketing strategies for many of Diageo’s top brands, notably Smirnoff, Guinness, Baileys and Johnnie Walker. After two years in Australia he was overwhelmed by a desire to grow a beard, buy his own island in the Caribbean and abseil off anything that didn’t move and some things that did. Unable to immediately live that dream, he opted for the next best thing and went to work for someone who did. Jon joined Richard Branson’s Virgin Mobile in early 2007 as CMO.

At Virgin Mobile he led a full overhaul of the brand positioning and identity and took the brand to over 1 million members in Australia. Two years later he still could not successfully grow a beard and didn’t own any form of island, but had done a considerable amount of abseiling. He realised that he really, really needed another drink and re-joined the drinks industry as Brand and Strategy Director at Lion Nathan in April 2010. At Lion he was responsible for caretaking three genuine Australian icons – XXXX, Tooheys and Hahn. Now an Australian citizen, Jon’s greatest fear was that even a sniff of poor sales performance on brands so close to Australians’ hearts, may have led to a revocation of his Aussie passport. To avoid that ignominy he left Lion and set up his own marketing consultancy, ‘brand traction’ in October 2012, designed to help agencies and clients manage the complexities of the modern marketing age. Clients have included; Kellogg, Frucor, eBay, Sapient Nitro, ING Direct, Coca Cola, Kimberley Clark and Fidelity.

In 2010 he was voted “Biggest Thinker” in the business category at the Communication Councils’s “Battle of Big Thinking”. Jon described the audience as “highly intelligent and discerning, with excellent judgement”. The audience described Jon as, “a big thinker”, or at least something that sounded vaguely like that. Jon was also a Caxtons keynote speaker in 2011, regularly teaches at AdSchool and was heralded by Ad News as one of Australia’s top ten marketers of 2011. Jon describes Ad News as “highly intelligent and discerning, with excellent judgement”.

A self confessed marketing geek, Jon is in his forties and happily married with no kids. When he’s not trying to figure out how to do marketing in the new era, he’s diving, snowboarding, and hanging out at gigs. He did finally buy an island. Go to xxxxisland.com.au to find out more. A beard however is beyond him.

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