“Work your butt off at knowing your brand, knowing your product and knowing your consumer.”

Says John

John Finkelsen

Senior consultant, Screenwriter

John Finkelsen has spent most of his professional life in the advertising industry, initially working at John Clemenger Advertising (NSW), then Lonsdale Crowther Osborne, London. He then spent twenty four years at George Patterson Bates. For the last nine years of his time at George Patterson he was Executive Creative Director and a member of the company’s Holding Board. John has been responsible for the advertising and creative communication for some of the world’s leading companies, including Optus, Mars Confectionary and Petfoods , Proctor and Gamble, Hertz, Colgate, Panasonic, Frito Lay, Goodman Fielder, Swift and Moore, Goodyear to name a few.

He was responsible for all of the Australian and international creative advertising and promotional material for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, regarded as the most successful Olympic games ever.

He was also a major player in the conception of the Optus ‘Yes’ campaign, and was responsible for all of the advertising that launched the Optus brand into Australia. He also created the Optus re-launch ‘Nature’ campaign which has run for almost a decade.

John is responsible for many of Australia’s best known and most successful campaigns. His work for Smith’s Crisps (Gobbledock) , Twisties, CC’s, AAMI, Pal Dog Food, Oil of Olay (his ‘Mistaken Age’ campaign ran for ten years and was used internationally), Mum Deodarant, Steggles etc are all highly regarded.

He has worked extensively for Tourism NSW, creating advertising campaigns (‘The Seven Wonders’/’We’ll Do Wonders For You’). He was also responsible for the promotion of Sydney as a tourist destination throughout south-east Asia.

John was also charged with launching a series of key brands into the south-east Asian market for Mars Confectionary, Mars Food Division and Mars Petfood.

John has recently written two movie screenplays. Jane Scott, one of Australia’s most respected and awarded film producers has purchased an option on the rights to his romantic comedy

‘Dying Italian Style.’

John’s creative advertising philosophy could best be summed up as ” Work your butt off at knowing your brand, knowing your product and knowing your consumer. Become immersed in that relationship. Become absolutely client/product/ market focused. Success is not measured by the praise of your peers, but by the achievement of agreed marketing/business goals.”

He currently works as a freelance advertising consultant and creative writer in advertising, television, documentaries and feature films. His World War II feature film Ferramonti is due to be shot in Europe at the end of 2017.

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