You love to get proactive ideas and innovative thinking from your agencies, but hate it if it wastes your time. How do you ensure that new ideas are relevant to your business and not just something they want you to pay for to make them famous?

The Legends & Leaders coaches are specialists in this area. They spend all their time working with people to help them drive thinking that gets results. They’ll give you ways to help focus your team and kick start your business.

Why choose the Innovation Module?
  • Why choose the Innovation Module?
  • My agencies seem to bring me ideas just for the sake of it
  • My agencies never think innovatively
  • Everytime my agency brings me a proactive idea it seems to be really expensive
  • My agencies never push me creatively and I wish they would

Coaches who present this Module

Greg “Sparrow” Graham

John Gerrie

Caroline Ghatt

Anna Godfrey

Tim Smith