As the world expands it gets smaller. Even if we don’t work for global organizations, we are all playing on a global stage these days and we need to understand how to think that way.

If you work for a global company you are sometimes called on to use global work at a local level and you need to be able to leverage it in the right way in order to be successful and make your marketing dollars work harder.

The Legends & Leaders coaches have been there – they’ll share tips and tricks to help you and your team succeed.

Why choose the Global/Local Module?
  • We have been mandated to use global work but I want my team to understand how to make the most of it
  • I don’t have access to best practice global work
  • I don’t know where to start when I get told to use work from another market

Coaches who present this Module

Deb Bauer

Paul Bernasconi

Jeremy Brook

Andy McKeon

John Willard