A 40 year veteran of marketing

Ed Lebar

Founder | BlackBar Consulting

Edward Lebar is a 40 year veteran of marketing.

Ed was founder and CEO of BrandAsset® Consulting and guided the development of the BAV model across all lines of business and around the world. Ed started at Y&R in 1975 and returned to Y&R in 1995 to help grow BrandAsset® Valuator into the largest brand model and database in the world.

Under Ed’s leadership, the BAV Consulting group developed many proprietary products including BrandResonance® with Dartmouth’s Professor Kevin Keller, BAV Archetypes as well as multiple methods of valuing brands and branded businesses with Professors Natalie Mazik and Bob Jacobsen from Columbia and the University of Washington.

Ed’s client experience includes working with companies such as P&G, Kraft, AOL, Time Warner Publications, Kodak, Verizon, Microsoft, Yahoo!, New York Times, United Airlines, Starwood Hotels and The Wall Street Journal. Ed has also worked with non-traditional brands like the Frank Sinatra rights and library, Janet Jackson, Brand Israel, and Brand Brazil. Ed is a founding partner of BlackBar Consulting. BlackBar Consulting’s focus is building consumer brand relationships ( CBR). Their analytic models stress building customer franchises, improving pricing power and raising market valuation multiples. Their approach to consumer brand relationships is listening to and exploring both parts of the relationship: Brand Projections ( brand experiences and attitudes) and Consumer Perceptions. The latest phase of BlackBar’s work focuses on the how CBR impacts creative development, social brand behavior including consumer brand communication and non purchase behaviors. Ed is a member and has just recently mentored at The International Institute for Brand and Brand Relationships program for 2015 Accelerator for young Ph.D’s and Ph.D. candidates. Ed guest lectures at such leading business schools as Columbia, Dartmouth, NYU, Cornell and Northwestern.

Recent publications include: “Constructing consumer-brand relationships to better market and build businesses” in Strong Brands, Strong Relationship ( 2015 July); The preface for Consumer Brand Relationships: Meaning Measuring and Managing (June 2015) both co-authored with Max Blackston; The Brand Bubble co-authored with John Gerzema in 2008 and voted the third best business book by Amazon.

Ed holds advanced degrees in economics from New York University and the University of Denver, and a BA from Syracuse University

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