Douglas is passionate about digital and social media marketing

Douglas Nicol

Partner/Owner | The Works

Douglas started life in the world of direct marketing. His first client in 1989 was a UK company that sold rubber sheets to incontinent people via direct response advertising. In this environment you learn quickly how to get response and what creates a profitable sale. Douglas came to Australia and set up the first in-house direct marketing team at George Patterson with the team growing to over 70 nationally in just seven years.

He was named Australian Direct Marketer of the Year for this missionary work in deepest darkest advertising land. Fast forward to today and Douglas is one of the owners and creative partners at The Works, an independent integrated advertising agency with a team of 60 where creative thinkers are on the forefront of client business.

The Works has grown fast and now counts Woolworths Everyday Rewards, NRMA, Skoda, Jim Beam, Energy Australia, Canadian Club, Virgin Money and Visit Canberra among its clients. Douglas is passionate about digital and social media marketing and is the driving force behind The Datafication Project which for the last 4 years has delivered the first comprehensive analytics on how and why Australians use Instagram and Twitter.

Douglas was Chair of Australia’s largest industry representative body ADMA from 2006-2008. He speaks regularly at industry conferences and writes for various marketing and advertising publications. You can follow him on Twitter @MongrelMarketg.

Douglas is available as a coach in the DM/Data, Digital & Relationship modules.

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