Solving problems and putting true value on the screen

Donna Hampton

Founding Owner and Executive Producer | Capitol Productions

Donna is the CEO and Executive Producer of CAPITOL Productions Pty Ltd. est. 1995 and prior to this in a multi-national advertising agency. Donna has over 30 years experience in the film, television and multimedia industries.

Recognised in 2011 as one of Australia’s Most Promising Exporters to global markets, working with world-wide brands such as Volkswagen, Nestle, BMW, P&G and Coca Cola. Donna has managed projects from charity budgets up to AUD$9m and everything in-between. Producing materials for use across various digital platforms involving extensive shooting schedules, multiple locations, complicated special effects, and with a long list of international celebrities.

Donna is President of IQ, The International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers, which further extends her services and reach to a global network of trusted filmmakers across 46 countries of the world.

Solving problems and putting true value on the screen is how Donna is best known.

Donna is available as a coach in the TV/content Production module 

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