Clearly everything is digital these days, so this module is not straight forward, but depending on your expertise and requirements in this area we have a mentor for everyone.

The standard module is for those clients who struggle with the need for a Facebook page and/or “likes”. Before you get to that point there are lots of things to think about and our Legends & Leaders coaches can help navigate through it without judgement. If you’d rather dig deeper, we can do that too with expertise in every area – just read their bios!

Why choose the Digital Module?
    • I don’t know what to expect from my digital team
    • I don’t know what I can ask fro from my digital team
    • I’m intimidated by my digital team
    • I simply don ‘t know the right questions to ask

Coaches who present this Module

Jeremy Brook

Jane Burhop & James Crawley

Graham Christie


Minsun Collier

Damian Damjanovski

Russell Easther

Preya McMahon

Brian Merrifield

Douglas Nicol

Nadine Parkington

Mike Zeederberg