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How true leaders learn to whisper

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With the brand name, Legends & Leaders, it was a given that I would eventually write a piece for this blog about Leadership itself. As someone who trains leadership skills development and speaks at conferences on the topic, I’m often asked to define what true leadership looks like and what…

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Listen Up

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The world is about to embark on a new, some would say scary, chapter. Much has been written and shared since the momentous decision that was made in the USA last November which will change the world as we know it. People are struggling to understand and learn lessons from it….

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My values, my brand?

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Getting consumers to feel that a brand “shares their values” seems to be among marketers’ top priorities these days. But people have many values. Which of these values should the brand share? Some of them are no-brainers; the “Green” revolution of 1990’s prompted many brands to become eco-friendly; emphasis on…

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Anxiety series #3. All or nothing.

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This is our third post in the anxiety series by Mark de Teliga – one of L&L’s coaches and a practicing psychologist and psychotherapist. In this series, Mark will provide you with direction, tips and tools to help get you through the silly season and even help your productivity at…

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