So we are already a couple of days in to this year’s event and the key themes are already emerging. From the perennial to the surprising, here are my first three take-aways.

Mobility Again.

It seems its another year of mobile. Every one is talking about it and there is also some evidence that Cannes is embracing the small screen and no-screen applications of creativity. But every year since 2007 (a year when Nokia’s N93i was the must have phone of a creative director) we have been talking about the power of Mobile.

Nevertheless there seems to be some clarity that Mobile is the first truly global category with every continent (except Africa interestingly) shortlisted. It will be interesting to hear the rationale and reasons that the jury awarded what they did. And hopefully put this theme to bed and just normal and no longer new.

Urban culture is beginning to be led by emerging cities.

A lot of interesting creativity is being informed by emerging urban cultures. It seems that the cities of the world are now starting to have a direct effect on one another. A connected urban creative community are starting to create ideas and inform style in new ways. Its a bit early to say but I think if we look back at the winners this year we will see that there are some interesting creative themes around personalisation beginning to be led by those in the large urban centres of the world – which are increasingly not in developed countries.


There is of course the influence of this years theme (women in creativity) but we are seeing from lots of early winners that diversity is front and centre in the creative debate. Mondelez’ Honey Maid as well as ANZ Bank and their GAYTMs are two early examples but I think we can expect more in this regard.

Interesting to see how these evolve. What have you seen or expect to see from this year’s event?

JB_0Jeremy Brook is Global Head of Digital Strategy & Media Innovation at Heineken and a Legends & Leaders Mentor in the Digital and Global/Local modules.

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