Knowledge is power.

Knowledge leads to confidence.

Confidence leads to great conversations.
Challenging conversations.

Challenging conversations WILL create outstanding work.

Work that gets results.

Work that makes both teams and brands famous.

Client Pathways

Suggested modules for clients – the “working with agencies program”

As a CMO or a senior marketer, you already know this.
But chances are, your team are sticking to the rules, staying the course, following the safe path to marginal success.

Why aren’t we all creating standout campaigns regularly?
Making a name for our brands and our companies?

Often it’s because we get bogged down by office politics, power struggles, budget constraints or time pressures. Our team doesn’t have the experience or the confidence to work with their agencies the best they can.

What we need is a way to unite, trust and engage with each other and our agencies as a team.
What we need is a secret weapon.

The Legends & Leaders program is just that.

It will inject your team with the knowledge and wisdom of experts.

They will share the tips and tricks they’ve learned along the way that will help instil your team with the confidence they need to have better conversations – to work as a team in an optimal way and find marketing gold.