Agency Pathways

Suggested modules for agencies – the “what clients want program”

As agencies we love creating great work that gets people talking & makes our clients happy because it gets results and wins us awards.

But how often do we get there? What’s stopping us? Why aren’t we all creating standout campaigns that create excitement and buzz regularly?

  • Share a Coke

  • Dumb Ways
    to Die

  • Not Happy Jan

The challenges of agencies are enormous. We’re running lean – and to be able to be profitable we need to get more out of our junior teams. But often the juniors are thrown into the deep end and asked to do more than their experience allows. They’re not able to have challenging conversations with our clients because they simply aren’t equipped and they’re told not to rock the boat. Just make the client happy.

The coaches at Legends & Leaders want to help by injecting your team with the knowledge, thinking and experience that made them a success. Because we as an industry can do better. If we work together, clients and agencies alike, we can achieve greatness.
All you need to do is decide you want it.