Marketing has never been more challenging. Marketing and advertising professionals are constantly challenged to be on top of all possible aspects of communications and the options available have never been more diverse and complex. And all this with smaller budgets and less time.
Never before has collaboration been more vital to success. Yet agencies and clients are less collaborative than ever before.

This needs to change. We need to rebuild trust and communication to enable us to do great things.
Legends & Leaders allows teams to listen and learn from the best in the business and take actionable advice straight back to their day to day  challenges. It fills knowledge gaps, provides advice on how to get the most from their working relationships and encourages teams to be the best they can be.

Adrianne Nixon

Founder & Catalyst for Change

Adrianne has over 30 years of ad agency experience working on small to multinational businesses in Toronto, New York and Sydney. She started Legends & Leaders after noticing that clients and agencies are often frustrated by similar things.
As a freelance “suit” for the better part of the last 10 years, she was in a unique position to see many different clients across many different agencies and there were definitely common issues at the crux of every problem.

Tom Moult

Follow up Workshop co-facilitator & Coach

Tom Moult has spent almost thirty-five years in the world of advertising agencies and has worked with more major clients – both national and international – in more categories, across more disciplines than he cares to remember.
Tom is now the Principal of Walker Moult.
Given his experience across all aspects of the business and the increasingly complex and fractured media and agency landscape that advertisers find themselves working in, Tom offers advertisers senior, independent and discreet marketing and advertising counsel.